Bula fiji!



 I finally arrived! Meeting people lasted exactly 16 hours (flight included). It is so easy to start a good conversation here. Fiji is amazing, I haven't seen anything yet but I am already in love. My taxi driver even gave me his phone number in case I want to do a home stay... People are laughing and joking all day although I imagine life is quite tough for the locals here.

When I first arrived at the hostel, I was completely done ( I think I have never been that tired ??) but this view helped my to overcome that quite quickly:


I had to wait for my room some hours, but here is a good place to wait and my only struggle was not to fall asleep to early... The room is okay, although everybody else pays half the price I do. Next time I will book with hostelworld.com.... 

I enjoyed my first sunset here and went to bed at seven... I have never slept that well, although I share a room with three guys. Luckily nobody snored ?

On my first day I did a daytrip to a small island called Tavua with a British guy I had met the day before. It was just a tiny island in the middle of the sea, but it looked like paradise. We did some snorkeling and the food was veeery good, but the stay was way to short. Fijians smile and sing and laugh a lot, what is even more wonderful than the beautiful landscapes. 

All of this made me overcome my jetlag quite fast. I think I got a beautiful first glimpse at fidji ? I am just happy to be here!