Let's talk about the differences! #2


Okay, how to understand Fiji 2.0:
 • Life at home:
 Houses here in Fiji are quite different. Because it never gets really cold, they don't need to be as massive as in Europe. Buildings with more than one floor are very rare in the villages, as well as brick-built houses. Corrugated iron is quite a common building material.

 In the houses, a lot of family members live together. There are hardly any massive doors, the small rooms are mostly separated from the main living room by curtains.
 In a Fijian house it's unlikely to find chairs or a table as people eat, relax and even sleep on woven palm tree mats in the ground. As soon as you get used to it, it is really comfortable. And kind of more natural than sitting on chairs, when you think about it.

 When relatives or friends come for visit, they usually sleep in the living room on the floor with a blanket. Many Fijians prefer to sleep with everybody else in one room than sleeping in a separated room.
 • Food:
 Oh yes, the Fijians love their carbs... It's normal to have kasava (Fijian potato), rice, noodles AND bread in one meal... Furthermore, they eat kilos of breakfast crackers and French loafs (white soft bread) during their several daily tea times.
 Besides that, the markets boast in tasty fresh fruits and vegetables which of course find their way into the meals. Pork is usually reserved for special occasions, so fish, chicken or vegetarian meals are usual. As almost half of the population has Indian roots, there are very good curries to get, too.

 My personal favorites are the roro, some spinach-like vegetable cooked in coconut milk, and the kokonda, fish cooked in coconut milk.
 The ugly truth is: Good chocolate is very expensive here as it is imported from other countries ???. The Indian sweets kind of keep me alive though.

  still to be continued ? ...