Nice experiences and a bad surprise


So, my tourist days are over now, my project has started...

The days before I went to Suva for my Fiji introduction week were quite great. The Fijian people are incredible. One afternoon I went to Nadi by bus (it is located maybe 10 km from the hotel I stayed in). If you want to experience a culture, just go by bus. Window screens are completely overrated, aren't they? The bus actually sounded like a volcano just before eruption and I had at least five oh-my-God-I'm-going-to-die-moments, but the unlimited view of the Fiji landscapes and the really REALLY loud music just made me happy. 

Always good to know where the emergency exit is... Even if there are no screens at all ?

There was a woman in the same bus who started talking to me and then eventually decided to show me around in Nadi, she even accompanied me back to my bus and waited With me for 30 minutes because she was worried about me not finding my way back. She even invited my to her village. 


The market was a nice place (especially for vegetarians ?????). I ate the BEST pineapple ever. 

Next day I went to a so called "eco friendly adventure park" where I did some zip lining and visited a whater fall in the jungle with a Girl from the UK. We had a great time (especially doing the zip lining upside down ?) and the jungle (well, the touristy 500 meters we actually saw...) is beautiful.

I'm getting really used to wearing a sulu (a sarong)... They are quite comfortable ?

Well, after these days I was really optimistic about starting my project, but I got very disillusioned as soon as I arrived in Suva (fiji's capital town). The accommodation for the volunteers is okay. Let's call it decent, although there still is a big difference between dirty and decent I think. But I can cope with that, this is not the actual problem. I talked to some people who already did the so called turtle conservation program (and stopped it, for good reasons). It actually consists of two perfectly healthy turtles kept under awful conditions in some kind of bathtub like pool. So, they kind of torture turtles just to be able to call it a "project". And I actually support this with my money. I will take a look at it all as soon as I get there as the project takes place in another island. The location has to be beautiful and I'm sure I can still have a great time with the people there (25 people for 2 turtles... Makes sense, doesn't it?), but this is simply wrong. 

We will see what I can do about it. But I will certainly not be the first one to complain.