Time to say Moce


I hate that i have to say this, but i arrived in Frankfurt yesterday after 24 hours of flight and one night in Korea for transit.

It was a strange feeling to finally get back to Germany, a completely different world. It was sad to say good bye to the people I had spent almost everyday with during the last 6 weeks, although I am of course happy to hug my family again. My German family.

I learnt many lessons here in Fiji and I am going to write down some of them as well as I can.

I learnt about giving. People in Fiji don't have much, but they still give. Some even give more than they should. Having been raised in a society in which everyday life mainly deals with earning more, having more and keeping what you have, this was new to me. But once I tried it myself, I learnt that giving feels good. That being to attached to your belongings holds you back. Of course I did not give away my phone and my credit card, but still I became a little less attached, a little more giving.

I learnt about smiling, about being friendly. It is hard to believe how much a smile from a random stranger in the bus who you have never seen and who you will never see again improves your quality of life. Especially compared to the anonymous, neutral faces in the buses back home. I mean, I remember that I used to be afraid of people because I did not want them to think that I am flirting. Isn't that ridiculous? Hell, smiling does not hurt!

I learnt about patience. "No hurry, no worry". Of course being on time is important in some situations and being to relaxed about work and studies is not good either, but it is easier to be happy as soon as you stop putting pressure on yourself. When the bus is late, you can not do anything about it anyway. It does not help to be in a bad mood about delays, that is just bad for yourself. The world will not end because of you arriving half an hour later than planned. Or one hour. Or even two hours. And when you keep hurrying up wherever you go it is hard to enjoy the nice things of life. Sunshine, flowers, whatever. Things you only see when you slow down.

I learnt about travelling. Before I came i was eager to go to as many countries as possible, but the number is not the point. I met a lot of backpackers who had travelled a lot of countries in few time, but I doubt that many of them really experienced the culture of those countries. Fiji is tiny in contrast to countries like China, but even two months living there have not been enough to experience it. You can only truly experience a country by living there, working there. A few weeks wandering from hostel to hostel are not enough, at least not for me.

If you ever get to this part of the world, Fiji is certainly worth a visit. A long one if possible ;)I have fallen in love with this beautiful pacific island and it changed my view on the world and life.

It is time to say Moce now, for now. I will be back as soon as possible. Vinaka Fiji, vina valevu Sigatoka. I will miss you!