Vanua Levu adventures


Sorry that it took me so long, but the internet situation during the last two weeks was kind of hopeless.. 

So, I am going to take a break talking about cultural differences and update my Fiji-adventure-status ;). 

I left the national park for one and a half weeks to explore Vanua Levu, the smaller one of the two big Fiji islands, and my Fiji foster brother Jim eventually decided to come with me. After five hours in a bus and ten hours on a boat we finally arrived in Savusavu at 5 am, a really pretty small marina town with boiling hot springs. 

We waited for sunrise and then took a bus up in the hills to a national park as we planned to stay at one of the Rangers' place and we anticipated that he would be there. Well, a nice plan in theory, but it didn't quite work ourt. Although the park was supposed to open at nine, after one and a half ours of waiting in front of the closed gate in the rain, there was still no ranger to be seen. Hm.

I will never forget the face of a passing by truck driver certainly wondering what the hell a white girl was doing there in the rain, in the middle of nowhere in the jungle brushing her teeth. Well, after 20 hours of traveling I simply needed to. :,D Without battery on our phones and really tired we finally caught a cab back to town and found an okay room in a guest house... The bus ride to the park was completely worth the waiting though. 

Everything is green and full of life and flourishing. The view from the top of the hills over the rain forest and the sea was absolutely amazing. 

After a night in Savusavu we continued to Labasa, a city on the other side of the island where Jim had a cousin and a friend we wanted to visit. On our way there we finally got to enter the national park and do the rainforest walk. We met a ranger there, but we didn't know that this was not the ranger we had talked to via Facebook before. We kind of wondered why he didn't expect us at all but we were to shy to ask, so we just continued our trip. Big misunderstanding. We would need some more days to solve it... What a chaos trip! The jungle track we did was really fun though. 

We had just arrived in Labasa, when we were told via message that BOTH the cousin and the friend had gone to the main island that same day, so we had to stay in a hotel at the river side for two nights. Although our plan hadn't worked out at all again, we were compensated by a beautiful view out of our room in the morning. 


Next day we had a beach day at a small private beach behind a valley of coconut trees to relax a little...


I had my first sugar cane that day and it is SO delicious! (Although I was a little worried about breaking my teeth...) You just take a mouth full, soak the sweet juice out and then spit the rest out. Normal sweets are boring compared to this! 

Walking back through the beautiful landscape made us enjoy our dinner afterwards. 

After all, despite of all the failed plans we managed to haver a great time! It would be boring if everything worked out anyway ;) !