Waisali and the first days on Taveuni


So, in the end we finally did make it to the ranger's place and solved the misunderstanding!

The village we stayed in, Waisali, is amazing. It is located half an hou's walk (or let's say climb) downhill from the main road next to a river. People live in a very natural way, in decent huts with solar energy (sometimes...). They mainly eat what they grow and cook on open fire. The cows and horses I have seen there looked quite happy, too. 



Once again the hospitality of the people made me speechless. Not only did we get our own hut and bathroom, they also went wild pig hunting for us (on horseback, with a speer and dogs) and caught freshwater prawns to cook us the best meals they could offer. 

The nearby river is perfect for swimming and even the one hour's walk to the next (tiny) shop was fun as I am simply  not used to the jungle vegetation.


We were sad that we could only stay two nights (first night: welcome kava party. second night: good bye kava party. I kind of like their way of thinking ;,D), but we had to leave for our boat to Taveuni. Still, I promised to come back and I absolutely intend to keep this promise...

Taveuni is a smaller island right next to Vanua Levu, also known as Fiji's garden island, and it is famous for its beautiful national park and waterfalls, as well as its reefs. We arrived after a quite tiring journey and as there was literally nothing moving in town (sundays on the islands are quite calm...) we just had a calm night to regain our energy and good mood.

The waterfall-slide we visited the next day certainly helped us doing that. There was nobody around, so we could enjoy the natural slide on our own. (If I may quote my best friend back in Germany: "O man, a natural whaterfall slide? Mother nature is so cool!!" Jep. I was thinking the same ;) )


Unfortunately, I caught a huge cold that day. I would have really enjoyed the bus trip along the shore to the lodge at the end of the road, if i hadn't  been shaking from fever. When we finally arrived I was just happy to lay down. Luckily I had my private nurse with me who cooked me soup. Thanks Jim.  (I decided to ignore the comments about how shitty I look and the pictures you took of me :P )

It took us the next day to get cash and food as the transport situation is quite bad in Lavena, the village at the end of the road where we stayed. So, we went two and a half hours in bus to the next cash engine, went shopping for half an hour and then waited three hours for the bus back. Hm, at least we could wait in a beach.... And I couldn't have done anything else that day anyway. Another important thing I have learnt on my first big trip: Always stay positive! :,D